The Passion of God-by Bautista Buljevich and Gonzalo Irazusta

In class of Literature and language, with Pilar and Pato, we made in pairs our first poem. This is our poem:

The Church of Pilar is full of fire anywhere,

Its passion illuminates every little and

infinitive space of darkness


God is presented there,

pane is replaced by love.

It´s ornaments shine as fire although

some of them are quondam.


And every day when the bell rings,

moving such as strong as a whale,

passion is felt more than never


Hundreds of people visiting the Church

every year.

Hundreds of souls celebrating near to it.

Hundreds of hearts resurrect there.

Hundreds of times we say sorry to God there.

Hundreds of times God forgives us.

Hundreds of times we are loved by God.


Language Test

Write a paragraph (80-90 words) saying what has happened to the male character. Use a variety of tenses: simple past, past continuous, past perfect and conditional type 3. Then look for an example of:
Simple Past:
Past Continuous:
Past Perfect:
Conditional type 3:

The female character was working late, it was a cold night, and in the drove home she realized she had left her phone at the office. Therefore, when she was going back to the office, she saw the male character on the side of the road, unconscious. The doctor said if she had found him ten minutes later, it would have been too late. If the female character hadn’t forgotten her phone, she wouldn’t have been on the road and the male character would have died.
Write a paragraph (summary) of 80- 90 words of the story The Gold Cadillac. Answer the questions in a paragraph. Include a variety of tenses: simple past- past perfect- past continuous and present perfect.
The story talked about a black family in United States. They were not a rich family, however, they weren’t poor. The main characters were Wilbert, who is the father of the family, Dee, the mother, and two daughters called Lois who was the narrator and Wilma. The parents were saving money to buy a more comfortable house. However, one day, Wilbert arrived at home with a new car, a Cadillac. This caused Dee to get mad, as his husband had bought a new expensive car. When they were going to visit his family in the North, the police stopped them with the excuse that they were black and they were driving an expensive car. Wilbert was caught by the police and his family had stayed in the car, which was very dangerous and at that time black people were killed frequently. Some hours later, Wilbert came back, and everything was solved. Fortunately, the conflict between Dee and Wilbert was solved when he decided to sell the new car and bought a cheaper one.

Dialogue- Am eye for an eye

Sir M:Hello I’m sir Matthew, your defense in the trial


Mary:Hello Sir Mathew, good to meet you.


Sir M: To begin with, do you want to tell me something important about you


Mary:Yes, I want to tell you that I’m blind as you can see. So I can’t see you


Sir M: So that symbolises that you didn’t kill your husband? How can you prove you are blind?


Mary: I don’t kill him sir. you don’t believe me? It’s this serious? He abused me for a lot of years, I am innocent.


Sit M: What Happened to you that you are blind Ms Banks?


Mary: what happened to me that let me blind was hot oil on my eyes.


Sir M: I will test your blindness, do you have some problem with that?


Mary: okey do it. I am blind and I will prove that I am innocent.


Sir M: Where you were when your husband died?


Mary: I was in the hospital sir. Because of the hot oil on my eyes.


Sir M: Let’s prove that you are blind.Why do you have that blood in your clothes?


Mary:  He abused me for a lot of years. The lawyers don’t understand that? And you? Do you believe me?


Sir M: I believe you Mary, but the lawyers want to prove that. My opinion does not interfere in this case.


Mary: Oh my god that lawyers! I will explain them that I don’t kill him because I was in the hospital.


Sir M:Yeah that lawyers are a little bit angry with you because they think that you are not blind and that you are lying.


Mary: Well… Test me so that I demonstrate you that I am blind an innocent.

Sir M: Okay. You are doing very well. Let’s start.

Crime Report- LandLady

    Yesterday, in the morning three bodies of adolescents were found in the Bed and Breakdown Hotel. They had been missing for the last two months.

       One of them was called Billy Weaver, he was staying at the hotel of a insane woman, the same who killed him. Weaver was seventeen  years old. Furthermore, the Landlady of the same place also killed two others men. One of them was called John Gregors, who was eighteen. In addition, the other victim was called  Sebastian Mulholland, who was twenty six. This horrible incident was told by another victim, called John Depp, who could escape alive. He also added that the crazy woman stuffed people información order to enjoy it

         After the police investigated this place, they knew the identity of this woman, she has fifty nine years old, and her name is Mary James. She will be five years in prison, and she Will receive medical attention to solve her mental problems.

Diary Entry

Write a diary entry for Mary Banks as if you had just returned to your prison cell after your interview with Sir Matthew. Narrate the events that took place from your perspective. Include your feelings, impressions and future prospects.


Dear Diary                                                                                                             September 13th

It was at ten o’clock, when two officers, called Sir Matthew and Hugh Witherington, arrived at the prison and interrogated me. When they entered, I was convinced that they thought that I was blind. Nevertheless, something very strange and badocurred. I realized that they were testing me. I thing that it was because they began doubting themselves if I was blind. Therefore, I realized that this interview was not going to be positive. I was very nervous. After some time walking and talking together, Sir Hugh Witherington took his glass eye out of his socket. Therefore, I seemed terrified, so they realized that I was lying, and I was not blind at all. I´m very scared about the trial of tomorrow. I feel that it won’t be good for me at all. I don’t want to stay in prison any more. However, I’m sure I will stay here for a long, long time.  

Passive Voice

In the language class, our teacher Pilar asked us to look for a tutorial of passive voice including it’s uses, formulas(depending on each tense) and examples(of each tense too). She also asked us to write down some examples of a passive voice guiding ourselves with the tutorials we have chosen.

Present Simple: A letter is written by Rick

Present continuous: Penguins living in the Antarctic are being threatened by global climate change

Present Perfect: Many books have been written by Rick

Past Simple: The mistakes were corrected by the teacher

Past Continuous: The stone was being thrown by Rick

Past Perfect: The window had been broken by me


Language Test

Enter the correct verb tense into each box in the following passage. The base form of the verb is supplied in brackets. Then check your answers by clicking on the button next to each box.

Over the last twenty years, the average size of households has fallen (fall) dramatically. The number of one-person households has grown (grow) due largely to the ageing of the population, as has the number of one-parent families. Couples having smaller families contributed (contribute) to the fall in household size.

In 1976, 60% of families were (be) couples with children. By 1996, this had fallen (fall) to 51%. Part of this change can be attributed to the increase in one-parent families with dependent children, but most of the change is due to the increase in the proportion of couple-only families. People are having (have) children later in life, and are living longer. Therefore, they are spending (spend) more time living in couple-only families, both before they have families and after their children have left (leave) home. However, children are leaving home later. In 1981, 34% of children aged 20-24 are living (live) with their parents. By 1991, this had increased (increase) to 40%. This increase has, to some extent, countered the fall in the couples with non-dependent children only.


task 2

Take the following quiz and post your answers.

a- All of the answers are reasonable explanations.

b- She thinks she would be better able to defend herself AND would have more power to get away from this and other bad situations

c- Mortality


task 3:


On the one hand, Erik and Rachel have a lot to be. However, they do not belong to the same story. To begin with, they both are innocent, and young. Furthermore, both of them have a fear that they have to front. In rachel’s case, her fear is to say that the sweater doesn’t belong to her, but she couldn’t overcome her fear. Moreover, Erik also has a fear, which is that he is afraid of the pigman. In Erik´s case, he could overcome his fear because he sees the pigman face to face. In addition, they are shameful as well as childish and they are not self confident.


On the hand, they have don’t have things to do. Firstly, Erik could face his fear and move forward, however, Rachel couldn’t do it. In addition, Erik was not bullied at school, and Rachel was bullied. Moreover, Rache was eleven years old, and Erik was eight years old. Also, Rachel was impotent, and Erik doesn´t have so mature beliefs.


Task 4:  Dialogue


Erik: How old are you?


The pigman: I have fifty four years old. Why did you ask me that?

Erik: Because you look as if you were eighty five.


The pigman: Oh,you are directly saying things. How old are you?


Erik: I’m eight. today, 26th, in one month I will have had nine years old, because my birthday is the 25th of August.   


The pigman: How is your name?


Erik: My name Erik. But, what is your name?  


The pigman: My name is John Cage. Why are you here?


Erik: Oh sorry John, If I’m bothering you I can leave. What were you doing before I came?


The pigman: It´s not necessary you to leave. I was working.


Erik: Why are you so ugly?


The pigman: Because I have been working for hours.


Erik: Don’t you think that you are old to still working?


The pigman: Yes, I do. But I need to work. If I hadn´t work, I wouldn´t have money to eat.  


Erik: I imagined you as if you were half person and half pig.


The pigman: Oh no. I´m just a normal person who works with pigs.


Erik: Well John, thank you for everything. Tomorrow I’ll come again, and we will talk again.


The pigman: Okey Erik. Bye. See you tomorrow