Self-Reflection on learning literature

In the last class of Literature, with Pato, we prepared a last post in our blogs with our own reflections on our own learning of this year.


         This year I strongly believe that I improved in making essays and understanding poems. I am really proud that at the beginning of this year I was scared of two things, my two objectives for Literature. These were to study hard, preparing properly and passing the IGCSE and to promote the subject in the last term, and finally I achieved my two aims. Therefore, I realized that if I commit to something, if I work hard and if I trust on myself, I will be able to achieve it. I liked they way we worked this year as we had one class a weak but anyway, we worked and advanced a lot with the poems and stories. Furthermore, my thoughts about this overall year are positive as I feel proud of me due to my self-improvement during this year.

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