The Cuban Missile Crisis

In the class of History, with Lenny, we read and watched a video about the Cuban Missile Crisis. After this, we had to answer some questions. In the first one, we should produce a mindmap including the causes of the crisis. In the second one, we should create a Venn diagram comparing how responsible Cuba, the USSR, and the USA were for the start of the crisis. In the third one, using the diagram we should answer which country is most responsible for the crisis. This is my work:




There isn’t a most responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis, as each of them took an important role. Firstly, Cuba wanted to install a communist system in her country, while the US didn’t want a Country in it continent being communist. Secondly, if the USSR had intervened in that conflict, USA would have made whatever she wanted with CUBA, the USA Is much more powerful than Cuba. Finally, USA also was responsible, as if she had led Cuba to be communist, there wouldn’t have existed tension between USSR and USA.

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