Essay- “Lionheart”

In class of Literature, with Pato, I made this essay of the story “Lionheart”

Essay Question:  This poem proudly describes Singapore. The poet cleverly uses the Merlion to symbolize the magnificence and pride of her home country. Comment closely on this.


In the poem “Lionheart”, written by Amanda Chong, Singapore is described proudly by the author. The poet uses the structure and its symbolisms of the Merlion to symbolize the magnificence of her home country.


On the one hand, the poet cleverly uses the Merion’s head symbolism to describe her pride towards singapore. To begin with, the head is a lion. This predator is the king of the jungle, and it symbolizes ferocity, courage as well as superiority. The lion was chosen to be the head of this structure to express that each citizen of Singapore get these qualities. Moreover, the body of the Merlion is a fish. This animal symbolizes agility, balance and inferior to the lions. This helpless animal was chosen to  be the body of the structure to express that also each Singapore’s citizen get these qualities. These attributes are mentioned in the poem by Chong to give self-confidence to Singapore’s people, and to help them to realize the important they are.


On the other hand, the author wants Singapore’s citizens to remember their origins, which was Great Britain, as she uses the word “Lionheart” to compare them with lions, due to their similar characteristics. Besides, the poet comments in the second stanza that transformation occured and it’s continue occurring, as the jungle was becoming a city from rural to Urban. Furthermore, Singapore’s development was thanks to the British. Moreover, the Author uses the words “water” and “sea”, which are essential to Singapore’s people, as they symbolize trade. Trade was fundamental to the development of the nation, as they, as well as Great Britain, are an island.

To sum up, the poet cleverly uses the Merlion to symbolize the magnificence and pride of her home country, and to express her pride towards Singapore and its Citizens, using the structure’s symbolism to get to the heart of every citizen of that Nation, and to remember them their origins.

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