The Berlin Blockade

Why did it happen and what were the consequences?


  • USSR was against the capitalist countries, which had become a group called the Western allies.
  •  Germany was divided into four different parts. One belonged to Great Britain, another to the USA, another part to the USSR and another to France as the capitalist’s countries didn´t want USSR to have an extended territory.

Stalin´s concerns:

  • Stalin fought that the capitalist countries wanted to rebuild Germany.

Stalin´s reaction: 

  • He blocked all the routes that pass through the western allies to the parts that belonged to them from Berlin so that they couldn´t send supplies to them. However, they airlifted supplies.

Allied reaction:

  • They airlifted supplies to their parts of Berlin so that the USSR couldn´t consider as an act of war.

Consequences for USSR:

  • The USSR gave up the Berlin Blockade, as the Western Allied didn´t give up.

Consequences for the USA: 

  • They showed that they were not going to give up. Therefore, they showed that they were strong.


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