Dear sir/madam,

   I am writing this letter to get an art scholarship for the University of Cambridge. I prepared the whole year to get it. I would appreciate if you consider my proposal.


   At school, at the beginning of the year, I was told that I had to make a project throughout the year. It sound as very easy task.However, I didn’t want to dedicate  a whole year doing something that I didn’t love. Therefore, I took six months to decide it. At the beginning, I started drawing creatures of people. But then, I realized that It was not what I was passionate about. Therefore, I began thinking about what I really liked, what I would spend one day or more on it. Therefore, I started drawing cartoons drawing. However, I was still not enjoying as much as I wanted.


   One day, I was tired, and I drew Bart Simpson, a character of a television show. When I finished It, I realized that It was this project the one that I wanted to do, to draw character of “The Simpsons”. And, as I also wanted to show an improvement on my drawing, I decided to have them all together. Hence, I drew them on an artist’s notebook. It was a strong satisfaction for me to make this project. As a guide, I used pictures that I searched them in Google, and I copied the creatures in a paper, however, I always changed a little bit to do something personal. As time passed, an improvement could be seen in the Notebook. Although my sudden changes of ideas, I am completely sure that this is what  I’m passionate about. Everyday I feel more proud of the decision I took. Although it was a long process, I feel that I fulfilled my dream of doing something that can do it for hours, or even days, and doing it without even getting tired.

I would be grateful to study at Cambridge University, so I hope you receiving my letter.

Yours faithfully,

Bautista Buljevich