A view from a Bridge-by Alvaro Ballsteros & Bautista Buljevich (in process)

In class of Literature, we are going to start reading the book, “A view from a Bridge”. Before starting reading it, we answerd these questions:

  1. Important facts about Arthur Miller.
  • He was born in times of World War 1, on October 17th in the year 1915.
  • He was American.
  • His father was born in Austro-Hungary and his mother was a native of New York.
  • He was married to Marilyn Monroe.
  • He was a wealthy writer.
  • He died on February 10th in the year 2005 at the age of 89.
  • He had a very good idea of what being an immigrant was.
  • He was accused to be a communist. In that time being a communist in the USA was as if you had committed a crime. Therefore, he was not accepted in the USA society, in 1950.


     2)  When was the book written?

The book “A view from the Bridge” was written in 1955.


     3) Find out information about Italian Immigration to the USA after The

Italian Immigration to the USA after WW2 occurred because Italy was in war and America had a very good economy. Therefore, 700,000 Italians immigrated to the USA. In addition, they went to the USA because Mussolini died and Italy entered into an economic depression. The country with the best economic position was United States.

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