The Haunted House

The Haunted House


     It was on December the 26th, in 2001, around 6.00 pm, when three brothers, John, Martin and Christian, with their father, Ethan went sailing to Lake Tahoe. They had an enormous white ship, with a huge flag and wooden deck. While they were sailing, the enginees of the ship suddenly stopped.


     They were extremely desperate, they were shocked by the recent event. In order to survive, they had to leave the ship and find a place to sleep over the night.. After swimming for an hour, they saw a microscopic and rare island. As soon as they arrived to the shore, the family saw an abandoned and terrifying mansion and decided to enter.

     When they approached the antique place, they noticed that the front black door was opened so they entered. As soon as they entered, they peered the inside of it. The pieces of furniture were covered in spiderwebs. Suddenly, they gazed something moving, after some seconds, they noticed it was a black and horrifying cat. Immediately a grotesque, tall woman appeared. When they saw the ugly being, the familiars ran to the door and tried to escape, however, it was too late, the door was already closed.

     The creepy witch ordered the innocent people to follow her, as the relatives were entirely afraid, they followed her. The spooky woman took them to a horrid basement. When the witch was about to leave them alone in the dungeon, John tried to persuade her to let them go and they would leave the island immediately. The old woman was convinced by John, and she let them go with the condition of leaving the island in no more than three hours. The men accepted the offer, and the witch, with her magic, opened the door and let them leave.
       All in all, they left the island, however, they spent a disgusting experience.

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