Essay in pairs

In class of literature, we made an essay in pairs;

Essay writing by Bautista Buljevich, Gonzalo Irazusta & Juan Elia

Essay question: Comment closely on how the protagonist of “ The Prison “ can not escape his destiny.

          In the story “The Prison”, the protagonist, called Tommy, had a prison in his mind. In this essay we will comment closely on how he couldn’t escape his destiny.

          Tommy was someone who had never taken his owns decisions. Instead other people, for example, Rosa took his own decisions. An example can be “Rosa changed Tony into Tommy” with this quotation, the personna wanted to show that he couldn’t take his own decisions. Rosa had changed Tony’s name to Tommy, without asking Tony if he agreed. Poor Tony couldn’t decide even his name!  His life didn’t have sense,, an example in when he met that little girl. He wanted to catch the girl and that was his only objective in life. “But he was worried he would not know what to say to her” He thought that the girl will end like him, a loser. But she didn’t and Tony was obsessed with that and he was wrong.

           Tony, as we have already said, had never taken a decision. Therefore, when he had to take it, he couldn’t. Moreover, the poem said that he was 29, and when you’re 29, you must be mature, but he had not mature at all. The theory of determinism, in this story, can be identified with Tony, on account that he couldn’t take his own decisions because he couldn’t act upon thoughts. He was always doubting about if what he thought was right. In addition, he was locked in his past, he couldn’t forget what he had done wrong before. He considered that destiny was written, and it is demonstrated when he beats off to Texas, to avoid marrying Rosa, he came back and marries her anyway. All in all, he couldn’t control his actions and thoughts in his own life. 

     He thought that his destiny was going to be the boring as well as now, but a little girl changed his destiny and open his mind.

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