Rite of Passage

RITE OF PASSAGE; In the class of literature, with Pato, we made this:


Games at twilight:

  1. Ravi wants many things, like for example winning the game, defeating Raghu and to be as the older boys.


  1. Ravi, in the story, “Games at Twilight”, wanted to show that he was mature everytime. As when he decided to stay in the shed, although he was scared, just only to show that he was mature. So he wanted to show that he can win the game, showing maturity.


  1. Ravi just only wanted to win the game, to show that he was mature, and he was minded to suffer if he got it. The obstacle he had to deal was to stay in the shed, that was dark, full of spider web, as well as things forgotten.


  1. In the story “Games at Twilight”, Ravi, the protagonist, did not resolve the problem in a mature way, because, at the end, he start crying, so he couldn’t complete his Rite of Passage.


  1. In the story, “Games at Twilight”, Ravi, the protagonist, couldn’t complete, again, the Rite of Passage.  Because he has never said sorry to anyone.  


The Prison

  1. In the story, “The Prison”, Tommy´s unreachable thing, was to help the girl, making that she didn’t end as him.
  2. Tommy trespassing the law when he hitted Rosa.
  3. The dare of tommy was to save the girl, he really thought that to save the girl was the purpose of his life.

4- No hay ningún elemento cuatro porque no confesaba con madurez . Se golpeó Rosa lika un inmaduro .

5- No hay ningún elemento cinco porque no entendía que la chica es sólo una niña y no un ladrón y él es el que necesita ayuda.

Conclusión : No maduro ni Comple el rito de paso .


Games at twilight:

-Specular moment: Here Ravi watch that he would end like Manu, that was caught.

-Foreshadowing: Here Ravi wacht what would happen if he wanted to run faster that Raghu, he will end catch.

Epiphany: Here Ravi, in the end realized that he isn’t so much important to everyone, and that he had to mature.


The Prison:

  • Specular moment: Here Tommy realized that if he didn´t make nothing, the girl would finish as him, with a miserable life.
  • Foreshadowing: “Then he remembered how he had felt when the dome is gone, and tears filled his eyes .” The moment of foreshadowing in prison happens when Tommy starts to think about your uncle and your relationship with him and this then affects your decision about how to talk to the girl.
  • The epiphany:   The epiphanic moment in Prison That happens When Tommy réalisés His mind was a prison . I Could not get out of it and take His own decisions . I did not Have faith nor the security to do it . A great quotation Which explains it is this one: “You Could never see the sky or the ocean outside Because you were in a prison , except nobody called it to prison” .

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