Analysis of “Games at Twilight”- By Anita Desai.

During the literature class we have read two pages of the story “Games at  Twilight” and we have searched for information about the author, Anita Desai. After that we have made an analysis of what we have read, about the author and about the meaning of twilight. Here I leave you the slideshare that we made in class.;

This Is my essay about the poem “Passion”

I made this essay with Maestro Malek and with Gonzalo Irazusta

Explore how the writer of “Passion” uses nature to express how she feels about love

Kathleen Raine talks about love using personification of a major force, in this case nature. This will be discussed in the following essay.

First of all, we will talk about how Kathleen Raine uses personification of nature, to show what she felt about love. In the first three stanzas we can see how the voice is obsessed in the search of love, she loves someone who doesn’t love her back, so that desperates her[a]; “Waiting for the longed-for voice to speak”, that means that she is waiting for a call from his love, although she knows that it will never arrive.

After that, the voice realizes that she had been loved since she was born, by something stronger than a man’s love, a major force that would stay with her for the whole eternity; nature. After she discovers this, everything changes for her, her way of living, what gave her intranquility, now gave her peace, what was an obsession, turned to be her point of relax; “Then I saw every visible substance turn into immortal” “And all is light, love and eternity” this means that now everything is clear for her, now she is truly loved for the eternity by a force that will never abandon her.

To sum up, Kathleen Raine uses nature to express what she feels about love by the personification of it.