The Clod and the Pebble – Romantic poem

This is what I think:

  1.  Imagination. This is the most important because William Blake used his imagination to create the poem.
  2. Emotion. This also is very important, because he made you feel in differenet ways during someone reads his poem.
  3.  Nature. This happened in the poem. When the Clod and the Pebble discuss their opinions.
  4. Passion. This also happened. For example when the Clod said how was the love ”
    “Love seeketh not itself to please, not for itself hath any care, but for another gives its ease”.
  5.  Simbolysm. Simbolysm appered when William Blake put words in the poem which were written in one way and could significate another thing.
  6.  Supernatural. This salso happened in this poem and in many others I think. In this poem happened when William Blake made that a pebble and a clod could talk.

Characteristics of the Romanticism

These are my five important characteristics of Romanticism:

  1. The imagination. The imagination is very importanat, because we use ti to make the poems, so, without it, poems could´t exist.
  2.  The emotion. This is also very imporatant, because without emotion poems could´t exist.
  3. The nature. This is imporatant because is the thing which separate the protagonist of the technology.
  4. Pastoral life. The poetry wants to indicate you the problems of the life in a essayer way.
  5.  Symbolism. Using the Symbolism, you can write the same thing in difference ways.

“The way up to haeven” by Roald Dahl


Mrs. Foster was a very complicated woman who always like to arrive on time or before to the planes, boat, train, theatre curtain or thinks like that.

This story talk about Mrs. Foster and Mr. Foster whose had a daugher in Paris, so they wanted to visite her. They would go in a plane, but for took that flight, they had a lot of problems. For example, the same day of the flight, there was a very big fog, so when they were in the airport, they got to know the flight was propounded, so that night Mrs. Foster slept away from home because she wanted to know the news. The next day, she took a taxi and arrived home. She prepared all her things, and she left.(Some things not necesary to tell happened between she arrived home and went to Paris)

When she arrived Paris, she saw her daugher.  Spent six months she was there . After a lot of time there, she came back because her husband. When she was at home, she didn´t find Mr. Foster. The house was dark, cold, there were mails in the floor, etc, (we don´t know anything about her husband)…

Main Characters:                             

1. Mrs Foster                                 2. Mr. Foster



  •     Bundles
  •     Butler
  •     Trouble
  •     Trifle Breathless
  •     Purposeful

Tarea: Por qué estudiar matemática

RESUMEN DEL ARTICULO por qué aprender matemática

Sussi, nuestra profesora de matemática, nos mostró un artículo que decía lo siguiente:

Un día, un alumno le pregunta a su profesor para qué sirve la matemática. Al instante, le respondió que la matemática  está en todos lados en la vida cotidiana, como en el trabajo, colegio, vivienda y hasta incluso cuando compramos algo. Ademas, la matemática no es solo unas cuantas, sino que también es todo lo que nos rodea.  Así que, la vida está hecha por la matemática.



Me pareció muy interesante, productivo, inteligente y estoy demasiado de acuerdo.

Para mí, la matemática era importante, pero ahora que leí este artículo, me dí cuenta que la matemática hizo crecer la raza humana  en varios los aspectos. Así que resumido, lo que yo quiero decir es que este artículo me hizo saber lo que en realidad es la matemática.